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Dale’s Drum Shop’s 40th Anniversary

Dale's 40th Snare Drum

Special Limited Edition Products Dale’s is celebrating our 40th Anniversary. Check out our special custom 40th Anniversary Products! Zildjian Cymbals and Tama Drums have made available exclusively to Dale’s Limited Edition 19″ Sweet K Crash/Ride 7×14 Tama Starclassic Snare Drum Both products are customized with the Dale’s Drum Shop logo. These are in stock and […]

Another fantastic kit from the Legend

Ludwig Stingray twelve inch tom fourteen inch floor tom twenty inch bass Glacier Blue kit top view

Ludwig just delivered this amazing Classic Maple Stingray set! Glacier Blue in 8×12, 12×14, and 12×20. Stingrays are custom built in Monroe, NC USA by the expert craftspeople at Ludwig. They’re designed for ease in portability and a smaller footprint on stage without sacrificing any tone or playability. The Black Sparkle Accent inlays on Natural […]

Tama Star Factory Vault 6.5×14 Mahogany Snare in a Stunning Caramel Tineo Burst

Tama Star Factory Vault 6.5 by 14 Mahogany. Highly figured Tineo wood with vertical woodgrain. chrome shell hardware. lighter center and darker edges. Tama Star logo decal. die-cast hoops.

Unmistakably high-end and elegant, this Limited Edition STAR Mahogany snare drum instantly appeals to every one of your senses. Adorned with an outerply of the uniquely beautiful Tineo wood found in the Andes Mountains gives this drum kit a valuable and decorative look. Released as part of the STAR Factory Vault series, this STAR Mahogany […]

Superb Craftsmanship on This Ludwig Classic Maple Downbeat Drum Set

Ludwig Classic Maple Satin Mahogany Downbeat

Proudly made in Monroe, NC USA, this Ludwig Classic Maple shell. Finished in a gorgeous Satin Mahogany Stain and classed up an extra level with custom Vintage Marine Pearl accent inlays in the bass hoops. Cast Brass Badges, Mini-Classic lugs, and Elite spurs complete this marriage of form and function! Ludwig Classic Maple Downbeat

Exquisite DW Collector’s 8×14 Pure Purpleheart Snare Drum

DW 8 x 14 Collector's Series Pure Purpleheart snare drum.

The 8×14 Pure Purpleheart snare drum, meticulously hand crafted by DW in California, is made from 13-plies of Pure Purpleheart with DW’s exclusive HVLT shell technology built right in. Delivering ample attack, projection, and articulation, this DW snare drum is destined to become The Drummer’s Choice. Visit the product page for more information or stop […]

TAMA MTH1000SD Tom Holder Conversion Kit


MTH1000SD – Exclusive to Dale’s Drum Shop Use this versatile TAMA MTH1000SD to turn your Starclassic Bass-Mount MTH1000S single-tom holder into a double tom holder. TAMA has very sturdy reliable hardware, some of the best in the industry, and drummers know that reliability is key during a live performance. Let’s face it, no drummer wants […]